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Leaflets in the rhythm of The Doors

We all know how important the door is. The doors. And how important leaflets can be. We don't often undertake the design of printed promotional materials because we focus on online marketing, but when we get the door theme ... everything changes.

We immediately hear the sounds of "Break on through ..." and break through!

Gomar doors are definitely stronger than our resolutions.

The design of the leaflet includes a logotype created for the needs of a brand that is just developing and a color scheme consistent with the industry. We made the printout in a friendly printing house - it is important because we know the quality of their work and the quality of the print itself, as well as punctuality. Many factors contribute to efficient cooperation with the printing house.

The most important issue in the preparation of leaflets is the choice of paper thickness and quality. This is even more important than the design! A great flyer design is very easy to spoil with terrible, cheap, thin paper.

What paper weight? We never recommend a thickness of 135 g - a thin sheet of a leaflet shows low prestige; for us, the leaflet starts from 170 g and it is definitely a sufficient thickness of the paper.

How's the type of paper for your flyer? Leaflets are definitely best presented on glossy chalk paper.

 Therefore, we recommend DotRed for projects of promotional materials of your brands and a decent acoustic door that will provide you with peace and quiet (especially when you live somewhere near DotRed people listening to the music of The Doors too loud ...)!

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