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What to look for before and after ordering a website

When ordering a website, you need to know some important information mainly about ... your brand. Who it goes to, who it is supposed to reach, what messages you want to focus on, what you are better at than the competition, what your customers and recipients are interested in ...

Yes, work on a website should start with such data and after such questions you will know a good contractor. You don't need to know about technical issues or trends in website navigation - you hire specialists.

However, there are several factors that you should take into account when placing an order for the website / website collection:
- if you focus on a prestigious image, originality, do not choose template designs
- if you care about high traffic on your website and many individual recipients, simplify the content and graphics as much as possible, do not try to convey too much information,
- always, always, make sure that all elements representing your brand are consistent: website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, business cards, stickers on cars, briefcases, letterhead, posts and videos, leaflets, advertisements in Google ...
- enter your company details and contact details on the website, build trust by enabling contact and checking the company in state registers
- do you have good hosting or can a website design company provide you with server space that will be fast, secure and efficient
- is the content / photos / graphics management panel on the website important to you, or does it have to be very intuitive so that working on it does not take up a lot of your time; check the panel proposed by the contractor
- can you find any information within 5 seconds while browsing your new website?
- is it just as convenient to use your website on mobile devices - are all the elements of the website visible on different screens: large monitors, laptops, tablets ...
- ask the authors of the website to show you the results of speed tests and SEO audits, because good results will make you appear high in the search engine
- remember that a website is a virtual organism that requires care and care: every year you pay fees for the domain and hosting, you have to update information, publish new content, present a fresh offer, at least twice a month (preferably at least once a week ) Add a text describing recent activities - such activities will ensure good results in search engines

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