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What to look for before and after ordering a website

When ordering a website, you need to know some important information mainly about ... your brand. Who it goes to, who it is supposed to reach, what messages you want to focus on, what you are better at than the competition, what your customers and recipients are interested in ... Yes, work o...

Websites for developers, apartment sellers, real estate flippers

DotRed has developed a specialization in websites: for developers, apartment sellers, real estate flippers. Pages intended for the real estate industry should have several common features and functions so that they are legible and convenient for recipients, i.e. potential buyers of real estate...

Logotype and business card.

The event and showbusiness industry has a little forced respite. Some people use it for a little rebranding, a positive refreshment, like DWB Crew.  For DWB we mixed a few nice colors, we threw a shackle, a cog fell into the mix and taaa daaam here they arose logotype and business card...

Leaflets in the rhythm of The Doors

We all know how important the door is. The doors. And how important leaflets can be. We don't often undertake the design of printed promotional materials because we focus on online marketing, but when we get the door theme ... everything changes. We immediately hear the sounds of "Bre...

Visual-Loli and our start in designing online stores

One of the new services in the DotRed action gallery is designing online stores! 🍥 Our greatest motivation to start introducing another service was the Visual-Loli brand, which was undergoing rebranding. 🔴 The niche, original style inspired us to prepare partially drawn graphics, introduce ...

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