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Company / product catalog in print and online version

designed by dotRED

Order the preparation of a graphic design COMPANY / IMAGE CATALOG or PRODUCT CATALOG

The road to point A to Z, where a fresh and fragrant catalog awaits, is as follows:
1) Together, we prepare a script / scenario / catalog scheme, i.e. what chapters it is to be built from, we develop an information hierarchy,
2) Collecting materials: photos, content, opinions, implementation, etc. 3
) A trial sketch - we prepare a proposal for a cover and two sides of the interior to determine if the graphic style suits you
4) Graphic design of the catalog
5) Preparation of files for printing + cooperation with a printing house

The price includes: files for printing, PDF file for e-mail + the possibility of creating a flipbook

Copywriting / content for the catalog or content editing - additionally payable
We will contact you within 24 hours!

Sample projects

Branding and graphics

Branding and graphics

Branding and graphics

Branding and graphics

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