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Animated Website

designed by dotRED

An animated website for a company with unusual visual communication - a type eagerly chosen by companies from the marketing, IT or art industries!

Distinguishing the brand from the competition
Showing an unusual vision
Brand / company presentation
Presentation of the offer Facilitated contact via the form or telephone connection
Readable price list
Attractive pictures of realizations or products
Educational and positioning blog

At dotRED you can order a website with an unlimited number of functions. Together, we will consider what your website should look like, what information and in what hierarchy are the most important for your recipients. We will design and code the elements you deem necessary to present your brand and we will add website management panel functions that will optimize the marketing and image processes.

PRICE: from 1000 EUR
We will contact you within 24 hours!

Sample projects

Websites and online stores

Websites and online stores

Websites and online stores

Websites and online stores

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