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Websites and online stores
SZANSA 5 - przychodnia prywatna

The original website for the private clinic Szansa5, despite the contrasting graphics based on orange and blue colors, inspires the trust of the user and every potential patient who made the first contact with the clinic via the website. The most important element of any website prepared for the medical industry is efficient and quick telephone contact, which is why the Szansa5 clinic website has a particularly distinguished telephone number, which, when clicked, enables a telephone connection. Another priority of information on the website of the private clinic is the presentation of the medical offer and the doctors working at the clinic. The website of Szansy5 already distinguishes its specialists in the main part, and each of them can be found in the tab dedicated to a particular specialization. Thanks to this, the user can easily find the specialist he is looking for. A dedicated panel for managing the website content allows you to add specialists with basic data and publish news. Another important feature of the website prepared for the medical industry is education, which is why Szansa5 has the opportunity to prepare educational content for its patients.

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and graphics
SZANSA 5 - przychodnia prywatna

A logotype designed for the Szansa5 private clinic, made on the basis of health-related inspirations, the leading colors of the clinic itself and its friendly and soothing atmosphere.
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and advertising
SZANSA 5 - przychodnia prywatna

Facebook profile for the Szansa5 private clinic - dotRED not only took care of the full branding of the private medical clinic, but also ran the clinic's profile on the Facebook platform. Our task was to inform observers about the latest medical events, new specialists in the clinic, reminders about research important for health, and the foundation of communication in Social Media was: education. Promote the development of health-care habits so that each observer enjoys "health for 5!".


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