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Law firms offering services of attorneys and legal advisers as part of the public trust industry have been struggling with high marketing requirements from the very beginning. The legal profession has its own rules, and its marketing, including the website responsible for the first contact with the client, must present all these rights within a few seconds.

What requirements must a website meet for the legal industry?

Inform: Educational blog - has positioning functions and improves the legal awareness of the society, it is necessary for every website of the law firm to publish content regularly (at least once a week).

Facilitate understanding: Copywriting: Avoiding legal jargon - Poles are still reluctant to use the help of attorneys and legal advisers, therefore it is necessary to facilitate understanding of the services offered, especially in an accessible way the benefits of cooperation with a lawyer / attorney-at-law should be emphasized.

Replace online advertising - attorneys are forbidden to advertise on the Internet in accordance with the Set of Principles of Advocate Ethics and Dignity of the Profession from 1998, therefore the website should not be template-based (we avoid joomla, wordpress), because all ready-made systems mean that the website will contain a lot of code in relation to the content, which is not liked by search engines.

Distinguish the law firm's specialization - the second piece of information (right after presenting the company) that the user encounters should be a description of the law firm's specialization and services, you don't have much time to convince a potential client, so do not overwhelm him with too many details at the start. Include a visible address of the seat and a list of cities or regions where the services are provided - it is important for the customer to be able to meet live close to home.

Fast loading - remembering that the competition in Poland is large, and we still cannot advertise ourselves as a law firm, we must do everything possible to improve the organic search page, therefore the computer version of the website and the mobile version must achieve the best loading results.

Efficient contact in emergency situations - apparently the buttons redirecting to e-mail or telephone communication, it would also be advisable to install a chat.

Contact forms - simplified and located on each subpage and in the footer, it is also important that the messages you receive from customers in the mail are well described, because it will facilitate the next step in contact with the customer; each step should be dripping with professionalism.

The graphic design inspires trust - it does not have to be clichéd, i.e. green and blue, to authenticate the company's professionalism, but you should definitely pay special attention to maintaining a large dose of seriousness characterizing the legal profession

The number of lawyers in Poland is constantly growing, at the end of 2019 there were 19,142 attorneys and 35,200 attorneys-at-law in Poland, therefore law firms are increasingly aware of their visual communication and use new technologies that support their services. Start by ordering a dedicated website tailored to the requirements of search engines - ORDER A QUOTE.

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