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E-stores are profitable

73% of Internet users buy online *!

The years 2020 and 2021 strengthened the position of e-stores on the sales market. Not only because of the pandemic and fewer brick-and-mortar shopping opportunities, but many respondents also point out that online stores offer lower prices. It turns out that we are happy to buy everyday items in advance, especially if we find that the price of a given product is really attractive, but still the most frequently purchased product online is ... clothing!

The next place on the list of online shopping is - accessories for clothing, accessories and shoes. Then we throw cosmetics and perfumes into virtual baskets.

Once we get dressed and wypachnimy, click the browser to look for books, CDs and tickets for events. The sequence seems to be logical, first you need to stylize yourself well before we go out to the concert ...

Internet analyzes (not susceptible to stereotypes) show that men will not hesitate to buy computer equipment, household appliances or electronics, and even a car. After such large, responsible and time-consuming purchases, it happens that they reward themselves with video games or collectible products.

And most importantly - as many as 72% of customers choose Polish e-shops, and 69% of people do e-shopping over the phone.

Who do we pass most often between the virtual shelves?

People in the 35-49 age group - 32%
Women - 51%
People with secondary education -40%
People with higher education - 33%
Inhabitants of cities poviat 200 thousand inhabitants - 30%
Village residents - 25%
Inhabitants of cities poviat 20-49 thousand inhabitants - 23%
Inhabitants of cities of pow. 50-200 thousand inhabitants - 22%

The most popular form of delivery?
InPost Parcel Locker. The parcel locker has permanently entered our hearts, we like to pick up parcels conveniently on the way home, without contacting couriers.

Why is the love of e-shopping getting stronger?
The most frequently mentioned reasons:
We buy when we want
We don't have to go anywhere
More choice
More attractive prices

What we don't like about online stores?
They have awkward forms
They don't provide good mobile versions Inconvenient payment methods
High shipping costs
No opinions from other users
Too little promotion
Unclear complaint rules or regulations
Lack of certificates and data security

Where do we order an e-shop that will satisfy the appropriate group of recipients and start generating sales?

In dotRED - order a quote!

* Such data was provided by the report "E-commerce in Poland 2020", conducted by Gemius on behalf of the Chamber of Electronic Economy.

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