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and advertising

We design visual communication, choose effective advertising strategies. We define goals and implement them. Ave Sales!

The basis of all this marketing is precisely defining the nature and priorities of your company, meticulous description of products and services, and then understanding the answer to the basic question: who is your clients and where can we find them?

On this fundamental information, we will design brand visual communication for you, choose an effective sales and marketing strategy, help you implement it, and then measure the results of its effectiveness!

Marketing i reklama
zawartosc oferty marketing

Our offer includes:

  • Facebook advertisement
  • Running Social Media
  • Instagram advertising
  • LinkedIn advertisement
  • Google AdWords ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Re-marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting and SEO
  • Marketing automation
  • Sponsored articles
  • Image building strategy in social media
  • Preparation of posts (graphics and content)
  • Running channels on social media
  • Graphics for Facebook and Instagram
  • Advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
  • Setting up company accounts
  • Installation and configuration of pixel and conversion events
  • Preparation of the Facebook store

What advertising methods and tools do we use?

social media marketing

Social media marketing
Keeping social channels alive.

Knowing the characteristics of your recipient, we can start searching for him on social media. We develop a communication strategy, expression style, thematic scope of posts. We set goals to be achieved at a given time. We develop video or graphic posts. We create substantive content (small specialist articles), content encouraging commenting, and activating content. We develop promotional campaigns and competitions, stimulate users to have fun, make your brand reach the awareness of as many recipients as possible. We help you set up a Facebook store, we link accounts with Instagram, we run groups assigned to the profile. We design all graphics and configure the account.

reklama facebook i instagram

Facebook and Instagram advertising - We manage Facebook Ads - we set goals, decide which type of advertising is optimal for you, we prepare and analyze them. You have many options to choose from, because the objectives of the ad can be different, together we decide which option pays off best: liking the profile, redirecting to the website, clicking on the offer, contact via Messenger, making a phone call, completing the survey, dynamic product advertising and remarketing ....

Profil LinkedIn i reklamy

LinkedIn profile and advertising - Social media in the B2B segment require a professional hand even more. We will help you find your business clients, expand the network of contacts.

Google Ads

Google AdWords Ads - We do not skip the search engine! Google AdWords offers very many types of ads that are designed to increase the search of your brand, your services on the Internet. We will carefully select the best advertisement and determine how to effectively collect 'clicks' from the computers and phones of your potential customers.

Google Merchant i remarketing

Google Merchant and remarketing - A platform recommended for the promotion of products and services ordered via the Internet (this is not necessarily an option only for online stores). Its purpose is to increase product visits, strengthen sales or inquiries.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing - We only offer newsletters to customers who want to maintain email contact with regular recipients. At that time, it is still an effective form of internet marketing.

Marketing sklepów internetowych

Online store marketing - during many years of cooperation with e-shops and thanks to the fact that we also design and code online stores, we have developed an effective, long-term action plan that gradually increases store sales and promotes the brand on the Internet!

Google Analytics

Internet and marketing analytics - Internet marketing does not stop at advertising your website, portal or e-store. Its most important part is analytics - website traffic, popularity of subpages, sources of customer acquisition, patterns of recipient behavior on the website, data on the recipient itself.

Pozycjonowanie stron internetowych

Website positioning - your website does not display in the top ten results when you search for relevant search terms in a popular search engine? This is a bad sign. The vast majority of us - modern consumers - search for products and services primarily "on the Internet", so your site must be clearly visible in the world of search engines. No one else can obscure it, overtake it ... Together we will break through this competitive thicket.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing - 93% of customers read advertising SMS sent to them, and 46% of mobile users admit that they made a purchase under its influence. dotRED offers sending of SMS campaigns. By running an online store, this form of communication will bring you many benefits.

Content Marketing i copywriting

Content Marketing and copywriting - Content marketing, i.e. a top method of getting valuable advertising to the recipient. Effective only if it operates according to a long-term strategy based on the goals you set.

Forms of content used in Content Marketing:
Expert articles (on websites, websites in the form of a blog, in newspapers, folders, leaflets, catalogs, printed guides, books), video, podcasts, infographics, tutorials, catalogs, reports, ebooks, interviews, reviews, product Descriptions, graphical charts, surveys, statistics, blissful, photographic reportages, stories, Diaries / diaries, opinions, ratings, reviews, Content used on social media, newsletters, photographs.

Our selected projects

Please, familiarize yourself with our projects. Our clients included, among others, developers, construction companies, medical clinics, large and small companies operating on the Polish market. We are still working with the majority and we keep our fingers crossed for everyone! We are developing the european economy!

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising

Do you have any questions? Write us an email or on Facebook, use the form nextunder to it or just call. We’d like to talk with you!


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